We discovered a “secret spice” for soup curry: Okinawan brown sugar


KENJI Yamazaki


Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
For 10 years, Chef Kenji has uses his fascination for the rich spices from Sri Lanka to produce and operate his unique soup curry restaurants in Hokkaido and Tohoku regions in Japan. He has since partnered with a Sri Lankan organic spice company to produce the finest spices for his curries.
Now, he encourages new owners to use his unique approach and resources to build their own businesses.

AJITOYA's specialty spice blend is a composite of 6 organic ingredients, including imported spices and Okinawan turmeric – known for its health benefits.

Our story:
The challenge to serve a “brand-new curry”

Making the most of our experience, we hope to introduce some of Hokkaido's famed soup curry tradition – with Ajitoya's own twist -- to the people of Okinawa. We proudly choose to use local ingredients, such as Okinawan brown sugar and fresh Okinawan vegetables.

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